Friday, 25 October 2013

Human Health and Medical Fun Facts

Her Curvy Hips Make Her Smarter
Smart women grow curvy hips! University of Pittsburg and University of California studied about 16,000 women and reported the following in 2007: curvy hips indicate smart women who will deliver intelligent children! Women should have fat in their hips, rather than their waist, because hip fat is usually high on omega-3 fatty acids (fat that develop the brain), while waist fat is high on omega-6 fats that do not develop the brain. Artificial Food Coloring=Crushed Bugs
Yes, if you see food labels that read "artificial coloring" and "color added" that means most likely you'll be eating bugs along with other ingredients. The FDA does not require companies to be more specific about their food coloring. Therefore, companies choose not to label "crushed beetles for red dye", a label that might discourage consumers from buying their products. Dannon admits to using cochineal beetles as a dye to some of its yogurt products. In 2009, Michael Jacobson has attempted to pressure the FDA to require more specific labeling for the sake of those who might have allergies. Toothbrush, a Dangerous Instrument
Each year about 2,500 people go to emergency rooms to be treated because of injuries caused by using a toothbrush—most injuries happen when a fall occurs while brushing (Food & Drug Administration). Bottled Water Contains More Bacteria Than Tap Water
EPA standards for tap water are much stricter than FDA standards for bottled water. Result: tap water is cleaner and cheaper. Two independent studies confirmed the above statement. The first study at Case Western Reserve University tested 39 samples of bottled water and found that 15 of the samples contained about twice as much bacteria as Cleveland tap water. Another study by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that about 18% of bottled water brands contained more bacteria than allowable, besides other chemicals found in the bottled water. Also about 1/3 of bottled water sold in the US is tap water. Aquafina (Pepsi product) and Dasani (Coke product) are nothing but tap water. Antidepressant's Side Effect: No Romance!
Anthropologist Helen Fisher and psychiatrist James Thomson collaborated in a study that concluded that antidepressants alter brain chemistry resulting in diminishing a desire for romance. Antidepressants decrease levels of dopamine (a brain chemical of pleasure that plays an important role in creating an urge for love and romance). In the study, women who took antidepressant looked at attractive men in photos and thought the men to be not so attractive.

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