Friday, 25 October 2013

Do gentlemen still exist?

Women usually love to be treated with chivalry... but do men think it is equally important for them to show it? We ask a few men... When we talk of chivalry, the first thing that comes to mind is the picture of a soldier. Strong, sturdy, protective, yet courteous and absolutely well-behaved. In fact the defense forces are supposed to be chivalrous towards women, starting from their own spouse, as a ground rule. While most men are devoid of this nature, there are a few who still maintain the old world gentlemanly charm. Hussain Kuwajerwala says, "My chivalry increased when my girlfriend and now my wife came into my life. I believe that it is nice to be chivalrous as women deserve it." Women might look for love, understanding, caring, good looks, good conduct, et al. in men. But one thing that almost everyone would want is chivalry. It is the most defining factor that a girl would look for in men. So, where does this come from? Actor-Singer Karan Oberoi says, "Upbringing has a lot to do with it. Also as a matter of fact men are more sturdy than women, physically. So it is expected that you treat these fragile beauties well. Because I've had a background from the defense forces, all my family has been following chivalry towards women as a rule. And it's become a part of my system too, so I don't have to work on it. It has some old world charm to it which should stay." Major Jayesh Dhingra (ex-army) sheds some more light on the matter from an army man's perspective. He says, "Perhaps fighting for the motherland, sometimes even at the cost of the ultimate sacrifice of life, brings us to a heightened state of devotion and love towards our better halves. This reflects the essence of chivalry still being prevalent amongst the men in olives." Actor Purab Kohli adds, "Things instilled since formative years become part of one's natural being." However we see chivalry losing it's sheen somewhere. Maybe due to daily routine or simply because after a point of time people start taking each other for granted. But let's accept it that gentlemen do really exist, although not everywhere, but they are there! Source :

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