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10 Fruits Diabetics Should Avoid

A balanced diet can do wonders to your body and health. Adding fruits to your diet can provide your body with the needed nutrition in the form of essential vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. Diabetics, on the other hand, need to make few careful choices while eating fruits. Though fruits can be good for our health, but it may turn out to be the opposite if included in a diabetics diet. Fruits are a good source of nutrition and energy, and hence, they can never be considered as good or bad. They just differ in the amount of antioxidants and nutrients, and can Benefit a person depending on his body requirements. In the case of a person with diabetes, different fruits can cause a different change in the level of blood sugar in the body. To stay safe, it is mostly advised to avoid few fruits that can surge the blood sugar level. Most of the fruits are classified based on their efficiency to manipulate the blood sugar level. Among the fruits to avoid diabetics should consider the GI index value of the fruit before adding it to their meal. Generally, GI value refers to glycaemic index, which should be equal to 55 or lower to be safe for consumption for a person with diabetes. Fruits such as strawberries, pears and apples are some of the examples that are low in carbohydrates and can be included in a diabetics diet. Fruits to Avoid in a Diabetics Diet

Fruits to Avoid in a Diabetics Diet 


Though the ‘King of the Fruits' is one of the most delicious fruits in the world, it should be avoided due to its high sugar content. Regular consumption can lead to prolonged surge in blood sugar level.


Also known as sapodilla, the fruit has a GI value of above 55 and may not be good if included in your health diet. It is rich in sugar and carbohydrates.


Rich in fiber, vitamins and other essential nutrients, grapes also contain a good amount of sugar quantity. They shouldn't be added to a diabetics diet as 3 ounces of grapes can contain carbohydrates as high as 15 grams.


Definitely not to be included in a diabetics diet list, pineapple is charted high in GI value. A small cup of this fruit can contain carbohydrates of about 20 grams or even more.

Custard Apple 

Though being a good source of Vitamin C, calcium, iron and fiber, it is one of the fruits diabetics should avoid. A small serving about 100 grams can contain carbohydrates as high as 23 grams.


With a GI value of about 57, apricots may not be good to be included in a diabetics diet. An average half cup serving of apricots can contain about 8 grams of carbs.


Containing about 15 grams of carbohydrates in a serving of half cup, banana has a GI value ranging between 46 and 70. Fully ripen fruits of banana should be avoid by diabetics.


Low in fiber and calories, watermelon has a GI value of 72 and is also good in Vitamin A & C. However, a half cup serving can contain about 5 grams of carbohydrates.


Having an average GI value of 59, papaya is high in carbohydrates and calories. If added to a diabetics diet, it should be consumed in a very limited quantity to avoid an increase in blood sugar.


It is one of the primary fruits to be avoided by diabetics. With a GI value of 103, prunes, also known as dates, contain 24 grams of carbohydrates in a serving of one fourth cup.

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