Tuesday, 7 January 2014

15 Incredible Things You Won’t Believe Actually Exist In Nature

What you are about to see may seem like science fiction. We assure you, planet earth really is this awesome.

Volcanic lightning aka “dirty thunderstorms.

Frozen air bubbles in Abraham Lake.

Underground natural springs in Mexico

Giant crystal cave in Nacia, Mexico.

Shimmering shores of Vaadhoo, Maldives.

Reflective salt flats in Bolivia 

Light pillars over Moscow.

Natural salt water fountain off the coast of Oregon.

Beautiful sandstone formations in Arizona.Beautiful sandstone formations in Arizona

Rainbow Eucalyptus trees in Kailua, Hawaii.

The Blood Falls in Antartica.

Spiderweb cocooned trees in Pakistan.

Giant clouds over Beijing.

The underwater forest of Lake Kaindy.

Lake Hillier, Australia.

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